Tuition Schedule & Policy


                          All Fees are not refundable and non-transferable after enrollment 


Registration fee :                     $  50.00

Security Deposit:                     $ 300.00

(Deposit only value for 5 days if you spend your deposit如果您只把押金用掉,押金只能抵5天的学费)

 (Security Deposit Non-refundable and non-transferable, security deposit can be offset by the last time tuition, but must notify the schools before you pay the last tuition. Dropping out of school the security deposit & tuition are non-refundable also non-transferable. If your child is not attending to school due to some reasons, he/she is allowed to re-enter to school in 60 days; otherwise, his/her profile will be discarded. 押金不可退以及不可转让,但是可以抵消最后一笔学费,但必须在交最后一笔学费之前通知校方<即提前一个月>.中途转学,退学,学费以及所付的任何费用不退以及不可转让。若暂停上学,必须在60天内返校,否则/的个人资料以及所有费用将作废)


 3 to 5 years old:

 Full time payment:                     $ 1020.00 / 4wks 

 Part time payment:                    $ 550.00 / 4wks  


 2 years old fees       

 Full time payment:                            $ 1160.00 / 4wks  

 Part time payment:                           $ 650.00 / 4wks   




(Full time :  8:00am---6:00pm Mon.—Fri.)

(Part time:  9:00am—12:00am or 3:00pm—6:00pm Mon.—Fri.)


Late Pick-up Fee家长迟接罚款:                                                         $ 5.00/10min.  

Return Check Charge支票退票罚款:                                                $ 35.00

Late Payment Charge迟交学费罚款:                                               $ 30.00  


       All programs will be closed for major holidays and the weather conditions

            comply with government regulations and full payment is required.




 -----------------------WE Accept Cash & Checks Only------------------------                                                                                                                                                          


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