A Typical Day at Little Bell Childcare Corporation

We provide child care Monday through Friday every week except for the days which we are closed as indicated here.


A daily schedule gives children the stability and security they need early on in life. That's why we strive to provide a stable framework that adds structure to our daily lives but also leaves plenty of room for spontaneous and additional activities. 

Overview of the daily routine


   Time                      Activity

08:30---09:00           Breakfast, Toileting, TransitionSong.

09:00---09:15           Circle Time. < Morning Song,Calendar, Weather >

09:15---09:30           Music and Movement

09:30---10:30           Learning Time < Base on Social Studies or Science Theme >

                                     1) Themescan last 2 week to a month, Non fiction books should be used

                                     2)Children should be asked questions.  Thereshould be discussions about   

                                         the topic.

                                     3) There should be an activity based on the theme. Worksheet or art work

10:30---11:00           Center Time < free choice >

11:00---12:00           Language Arts.

                                    * Poetry can be used to teach letters and rhyming words

                                    * Activity based on letters, worksheets, art work /marking

                                    * letters with clay or object.

12:00---12:30           Lunch Time, Toileting.

12:30---13:00           Library Guide Time.

13:00---14:45           Nap Time.

14:45---15:00           Music and Movement.

15:00---15:30           Snack, toileting

15:30---16:30           Math < Number of the Week >

1)   Counting Skill 10 ect…

2)   Activity with number and representation of number in objects

3)   Creating patterns

4)   Sorting of objects by size color, ect…

16:30---17:10         Mandarin Learning time < basic Chinese, songs Poetry...>

17:15---17:30         Center Time < free choice > Clean Up, Toileting, Goodbye Song.
























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