Dear parents, you may now register in our head start program


During the novel Covid-19 epidemic, we all hope to survive this difficult pandemic safely. We will set up an enrollment date on July 17 at 10 AM to 3 PM,at Little Bell Childcare Corp. Please prepare the following documents for enrollment.

Please remain 6 feet apart of social distance during the enrollment.


Enrollment range:  Children from low-income families within the zip code of 11220 and 11219,

Priority accept: ACS Voucher Case


Recruitment target:  Children born in 2016, 2017 and 2018(2018 kids born between July -- November).


Materials required:

     1.    Child's birth certificate

     2.    Parents ID (based on family structure)

     3.    Your child's medical insurance card and immunization records

     4.    The tax return for 2019 (page 1 and page 2 of the 1040 form)

     5.    1 copies of proof of address (water bill, electricity or gas bill, lease, land phone

          or internet bill, medical bill, IRS letter, immigration letter, residency affidavit.),

                     ---  Bank and mobile bills cannot be proof of address ---




在现在Covid-19疫情期间,我们都希望平安的度过这个艰难的困境,我们学校将于本周星期五(7月17号)早上10点到下午3点在小铃铛儿童启蒙教育中心( 629 51街)为下学期的新生收取报名材料,有需要的家庭请于当天起来排队登记报名。

----------- 届时请大家注意6英尺的社交距离 ------------


招收范围: 邮区11220 和 11219 范围内的低收入家庭的孩子,  优先录取ACS Voucher

招收对象: 在2016,2017和 2018 (2018 年的在7月--11月之间出生的孩子) 出生的孩子,



  1.  孩子的出生纸
  2.  家长的ID (根据家庭结构)
  3.  孩子的医疗卡和打针记录
  4.  2019的报税单(1040表格的第1页和第2 页)
  5.  1份地址证明(水单,电或煤气单,租约,电话或网络账单,医疗账单,IRS税局移民局信件,地址地保),

                                       --- 银行和手机账单不能做地址证明 ---


Online student Registration form.docx
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